Campus Erfurt university

Founded in 1379 and reopened after German reunification in 1994, Erfurt University is the oldest and at the same time the youngest university in Germany. Located just North of the city center, the green campus is home to 6,000 students, all of them majoring in social and cultural studies.
In the History Department, an inspiring mix of established and upcoming young historians research and teach classes on a wide range of topics, from West-Asian, African and North American history to global and postcolonial history, from ancient history and the history of the European Middle Ages to the history of the GDR, from Jewish history to the history of the body and many more fields.
The research library in nearby Gotha is a unique treasure of prints, books, maps and other material on the history of knowledge in Europe.


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—> We encourage graduate students and faculty members in history at Temple University to apply for the exchange program with Erfurt University. For more information on the application procedure, deadline, financial support and further organizational matters, please get in touch with Prof. Bryant Simon.

—> contact person: Prof. Bryant Simon